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DecoKing is a premium brand. It includes a wide range of products for the most demanding clients. It astonishes with fine craftsmanship, attention to details and original, modern design.

To meet the customers’ expectations, we strive to make our products chic and stylish. We keep expanding our product range with new items, styles, textures and patterns, which respond to current trends on the home decor market. In our offer, you can find textile accessories made of the best quality fabrics as well as amazing objects for interior design. This entails ultramodern diffusers, which fill the room with delightful scents, outstanding light ornaments such as LED trees, LED lights and fancy holiday decorations – Christmas trees, baubles and colourful, shiny garlands.


DecoKing products enable you to arrange the interior of your entire house. Our textiles bring soft, warm and cosy touch to any room, and our accessories help to emphasize its exceptional, one of a kind style. Besides the unique design, worthy of note is the highest quality and meticulous craftsmanship of the products we offer. Since we control every stage of production, our products are solid, durable and resistant to mechanical damages. Properly cared for, they will last many years.

AmeliaHome is a unique brand which will be liked by those who want stylish interiors at affordable prices.

When we created AmeliaHome brand, we wanted affordable product, accessible to everyone. Hence we decided to launch a home decor product line for stores, supermarkets and wholesalers. This way we want to reach the largest group of customers. We deeply believe that everyone deserves to feel good in their home. To freshen up the interiors, there’s no need for major renovation. Sometimes the only thing needed is adequate decor item.

AmeliaHome branded products prove textile accessories don’t have to be expensive to be appealing. Good examples would be our unique beddings, colourful bed covers or warm duvets. Each of the various models differ in style and a low price encourages to experiment with interior design. We invite you to have fun with shapes, patterns and colours.

Our brands are available in our online store YourHomeStory

YourHomeStory is a place where we gathered the most beautiful furnishing elements. Our product range includes something for lovers of more traditional style as well as those who like everything modern. The wide selection of products satisfies also green trend enthusiasts, oriental-style fans or people fascinated by glamour style. The branded products – DecoKing and AmeliaHome – are featured by attention to details, unique design and high quality. In response to changing trends we keep expanding our collections.