The FLHF S.A. company history begins in 2012, when the retail business called DecoKing was set up to sell home decor products. The positive reception on the Polish market translated into its dynamic further development.

The online store was created in 2013. Next year, the sales channels were expanded overseas. Just three years after the company was established, in 2015, our products were sold to the clients from the whole EU.  2018 was the landmark year. A desire to present best possible offer on the increasingly demanding market resulted in changing the company name and transforming it into FLHF S.A.

Our import and sales specialists, and employees of the creative department work in an innovative office space, which is located close to the city centre. The office is so arranged that it expedites the work of all those who contribute to the success of FLHF company with their hard work. Our employees have at their disposal, among others, a modernised meeting room, a photography studio and a design studio.

We store our products in a modern warehouse which has 4 000 sq. meters of surface and is located in Bielany Wrocławskie. This amazing place is the heart of every logistics operation, starting with accepting deliveries, through automated process of packing orders and ending with sending them to our customers.

We support local craftsmen. Hence we decided to purchase a small sewing shop where, with the help of Wroclaw’s master tailors, we will be able to create unique and one of a kind products. With a view to company’s development and customer satisfaction, we constantly look for new, original solutions.

We put a lot of work and effort so our products are of the highest quality and fine craftsmanship. We use only high-grade fabrics which are resistant to mechanical damage, colour fading and shrinking. We choose fabrics which don’t need a specialist and complicated care but they are durable, soft and pleasant to the touch. With a view to how different the customer’s needs are, we create items which perfectly complement traditional interiors as well as modern ones.