Bathroom towels are essentials that every bathroom needs. They are not just pretty but also very practical. Smaller types are great to dry your face and hands and bigger ones are perfect as bath towels. The wide range of sizes and colours helps to find the best suited product to buy.  We encourage you to get to know our offer.

Szary Ręcznik Santorini

Stripes are beach proposal for all of those who appreciate minimalism. Timeless pattern, which never goes out of style, will be great for this and future holiday. Made of thin cotton doesn’t take up much space during travel. What’s more, it’s very light and fast drying. It needs just a moment after being wet to come back to its original state.


Bambi towel is made of mixed cotton and bamboo fibre. This incredible soft fabric features by high hygroscopicity – exceptionally drains moisture and prevent bad smell at the same time. What is combined with fabric’s facility to drain liquids is that it has also thermoregulatory features.

Szary ręcznik Bambi
Niebieski Ręcznik ekea

Ekea series was creates especially for you. The product we offer is made of fabric which is very nice to touch and resistant to dirt. It is fast drying, excellently drains moisture. It is packed in a practical, net case, doesn’t take up much space. Without fail, it will fit in even in the smallest woman’s handbag.

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