Amazingly soft, nice to touch blankets are ideal accessories for autumn and winter seasons, and more. We can cover with them while lying-in on a sofa blissfully and use them as a bed cover. Put on a bed, they will hide mess on the bedding but also complete the bedroom looks in a wonderful way. A huge range of patterns, sizes, designs and colours guarantees that everyone will find something interesting for themselves in the Decoking and AmeliaHome offer.

Brązowy koc fluff

In the Fluff collection, there are eight blankets in very light, pastel colours. What’s worth noticing – those rugs are reversible. Both sides vary in bristle length and it’s composition. In that, one side is perfectly smooths and monochromatic and the second one draws attention to gradation effect.


Henry blanket is made of smooths, amazingly soft and nice to touch fabric, combined with delicate pattern bring cosy, warm touch to any room. Thanks to wide range of colours will be of interest not only to lovers of classical style but also fans of modern.

Brązowy Koc Henry
Fioletowy Koc Nessa

Nessa features very solid, fine craftsmanship and attention to details. From the rest of textile accessories it varies in an original cut – it has a special embossing which creates an interesting, geometrical pattern. Those cuts resemble rhombuses  but when looking at all of them, we have the impression that those figures combine with each other and creates spatial cubes.

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