LED lighting

LED lighting is a perfect way to add some sparkle to your house interior. Opposite to incandescent bulbs, LED diodes are very discreet. You can hide them in thin, metal wires and astonishing, spatial constructions. In our offer you will find lightning curtains, garlands, LED trees as well as standing decorations. They can be successfully used not only during Christmas time but all year round.

Lampki LED w kształcie jednorożców

LED lights are a modern, very attractive proposal from the interior lightning range. They are very original and look very stylish. Interestingly, there’s no one and only method to include them into a house arrangement. You can hang a light garland on a wall but also wrap it around a bed or window frame. The lighting curtain will look fantastic hung over the fireplace, alongside the aisle between rooms or on a mirror. And a LED wire can be surely put into a transparent vase or you can use it to fill a glass lantern. There are many possibilities and the only thing that can limit you is your imagination.


LED trees will certainly be of interest to enthusiasts of original and modern solutions. The products that we have in our offer, astonish with interesting design, but also the highest quality and fine craftsmanship. It’s worth spotlighting one item – the Snowy Pine – which can successfully replace a traditional Christmas tree. During winter season the house interior will be completed beautifully with Maple, covered with a layer of white paint, which resembles a delicate, snowy powder. While Lucky and Bonsai will be perfect as all-year ornaments, with their pleasant, warm light which creates nice atmosphere in every room.

Drzewko LED
Ozdoba LED w kształcie Gwiazdki

LED ornaments are a very extended product group. It includes floor lamps, such as Star which is perfect for Christmas time, and also wall lights – the greatest example of which is the Cloud model, mostly loved by our youngest customers. Among our light ornaments, you can also find LED clips, which help to display your favourite photos, glass lanterns, with slim filaments with lots of microscopic LED diodes, and battery powered flameless wax candles.

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